Our concept

Yawmi is your homemade, freshly prepared food, every day.

We don’t follow any of the diet fads because no one can be on a diet forever! Right? Instead, we simply focus on making the best selection of dishes every month and perfecting them by using recipes handed down by generations made with the freshest seasonal produce. This is our way of helping you live a balanced lifestyle by offering you the right variety of food and making wholesome meals easy to order too.

Our Yawmi cuisine is inspired by the Levant. It’s the freshly prepared plat du jour meals our moms made for us when we came home from school. The meals we craved when we went away to University and when we started working and wanted nutritious options during late night meetings. It’s what we wish we had more time to cook at home for our families.
Our fast paced lifestyle and always being on the go make it difficult to maintain a balanced diet, and we often end up depriving our body of the right nutrients it needs. This is why we invest so much effort into making sure your journey from ordering to receiving your meal is seamless. Lunch and dinner orders can be made on demand through our call center or in 3 simple steps on our website, and we’ll ensure delivery fast enough, so you can enjoy your meal while it’s still hot.

Yawmi’s mission is to make sure you have that important balance by making it easy to eat feel good food every day. It’s not only about the food though; everything we do has a purpose and so we always do our best to make sure we are giving back to the planet we love so much by only using recyclable packaging.

How it works

We create our menu monthly, including main dishes with accompaniments and side dishes that pair perfectly with any of our items
We slow cook everyday and deliver on demand
We source all our fresh and natural ingredients, including antibiotic and hormone free chicken and meat
Fast delivery so you can enjoy your meal while it’s still hot